Service & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will help me once my account is operational?

Score Processing is a full service company. We deliver excellent products and services to merchants long after we setup your account. Your local sales rep is available at all times to assist you with all of your processing needs. You will also have access to our customer service desk, which is on hand to assist you at all times.

Will I receive a statement?

Yes. All merchants will receive a monthly statement with information on all deposits to your account, charges for the month, and your total sales volume. As a Score Processing merchant you can view your statement online using Mreports. Mreports provides a convenient way for merchants to privately view current and past detailed statements.

What credit cards will be accepted?

Once the terminal software is installed, it will be able to accept Visa and MasterCard transactions. American Express, Discover and Diners can be added to your terminal free of charge pending approval.

How long is the installation and operation process?

The terminal is pre-programmed and customized for you. Once the terminal is delivered you just have to plug it in. The PC software comes with full support package. Score Processing offers 24-hour help desk support to all merchants.

What is a merchant service provider?

A merchant service provider, provides the tools necessary for businesses to successfully process credit card transactions. Score Processing provides a merchant bank account, processes credit card transactions, and forwards the funds from those transactions into the merchant's bank account. In order to uphold the relationship with our merchants, Score Processing provides processing equipment, merchant statement and reports, risk management and most importantly, customer service.

What separates Score Processing from all other banks & companies offering credit card processing services?

You can expect to be treated in a highly ethical and professional manner by everyone at Score Processing. We have been in business since 1998 and have long term plans for continued growth. We have seen literally hundreds of companies come and go during our time in the industry. You can rest assured that the great service you receive today will continue for as long as you need us! Our pricing is more than fair and we don't try to sell you anything you don't need. Our reputation is golden and will continue to be so, as we deliver excellent products & services to you, our new customer!

OK, I understand your service is good, you will be around to service me in the future and your equipment prices are really low, but, how about the cost of transaction processing?

We are offering you a very low discount rate for you face-to-face transactions and for your mail/telephone order type transactions. You will also pay a tiny transaction charge of $.20 per transaction ($.30 for mail order)

How about other miscellaneous fees? Where are the hidden charges? Everybody else has them!

We don't believe in deceptive practices. In fact we hate that kind of selling! Your only other fee is $9.50 per month for Score Processing to issue a complete itemized statement with each daily batch on it so you can easily reconcile your books on a monthly basis. This fee also helps to defray the cost of the "800" Help Desk that is available to you 24 hours a day as an Score Processing customer. You will always have a thoroughly trained person on the other end of the phone that can help you at a moments notice! There is no start-up cost ($75 to $195 savings!)

How will I know how to operate the terminal or software when I receive it?

The terminal is pre-programmed & customized for you. All you have to do is plug it in & start using it. We are here to take your calls regarding any questions about terminal operation or any other aspect of our program. Remember, our terminal help desk is open 24 hours! The PC software comes with a full support package. If you have any installation or operation questions, all you have to do is pick up the phone & call toll free to one of our very well trained customer support technicians.

What about software? I understand my business can process credit card sales using a computer. What are the details?

If you are computer literate and do most of your business management functions on computers now, you may be a good candidate for transactional software. We have chosen several brands of software which have proved to be the best performing software packages. Both of the software packages provide top performance & excellent customer support.